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Dov Gordon

Attention: Great Consultants!

The Right Relationships are Your Unfair Advantage

  Quite by accident I discovered how to become an Under-the-Radar Industry Leader - and have all the clients you want.

  Because there are so many things you could do get clients.

  You could become a 'Facebook Ads ninja.'

  You could become a 'content marketing machine.'

  You could position yourself as a celebrity-guru.

  You could do these and countless other things to get clients... but do you WANT to?  And when you've tried them, did they work for you?  Are they a fit for your personality?  Do they fit your values?

  For most consultants, the answer is no.

  And for good reason!  Most of your clients come from referrals; from relationships of one kind or another.

  If it was up to you, ALL your clients would come from referrals and relationships.

  But referrals are unpredictable and inconsistent.  And relationships take lots of time to develop and maintain.

BUT... does it have to be that way? No...


  I discovered a way to circumvent all of those tactics *everyone* says you need to do.  And to build relationships in a leveraged way that gives you a backdoor straight into your ideal client’s office. 

  How?  You create what I call an Alchemy Network.  

  I first did this in my early 20s.  I built a group of CEOs of companies doing between $10mm and $200mm in sales.

  Competitors and colleagues - other consultants - they couldn’t believe it.  “You got a meeting with who?!”  "How did did you get through to that CEO?!”

  And the CEOs would ask my advice and hire me for projects.  Which was fantastic, because my existing relationships gave me a huge advantage.

  The second time I did it by forming a group with colleagues.  That Network has been feeding my business for almost ten years now.  Still... I suffered from "The Curse of Knowledge."


  "The Curse of Knowledge" is when an expert doesn't sufficiently value their expertise.  They assume "If I know it, everyone must know it.  And so what I know isn't that valuable."

  It's a curse that keeps many consultants from consistently earning mid-six to low seven figures. And for many years it had me thinking "Anyone can build an Alchemy Network like I've done.  It's really simple."

  And so it never occured to me that others would not instantly grasp everything I'd learned over the years about forming and leading a network that feeds you all the clients you can handle.

  But a couple of years ago I was talking with a client, and I suggested he build an Alchemy Network as a way to connect with and land his ideal client - senior executives at big corporations.

  To my surprise, he didn't instantly see what I saw to be possible for him.  He had lots of questions. And so I began to help him.

  More recently, I helped another client launch his own AN.  He got it to where he has dozens of senior executives in his network - from companies doing $500,000,000 and even multiple billions.  And his Network is growing!

  They’re starting to build relationships, really getting to know him.  And he’s already been asked by some to come in, have a look around, and explore doing a consulting project for them.

  This is a guy for whom a new project is worth low-six to low-seven figures.  So there’s a long sales cycle. His Alchemy Network positions him as an Under-the-Radar Industry Leader.  It’s a backdoor straight to his ideal clients.


  Long-story-short, the more I've talked with clients, helping them build their Alchemy Networks, the more I see how my 15+ years of doing this have taught me much more than I realized.

  In January 2020, I led a one-day sold-out workshop in Amsterdam. In the morning everyone designed their Alchemy Networks.  And in the afternoon, they LAUNCHED it!

  Bottom, line, if you're a consultant, and much of your business comes from relationships, then building your own Alchemy Network is a powerful approach.  And you may want to consider it.

  And to help you understand exactly what it is and how to get started, I've put together a free training video that lays it out very simply.  You can watch this training and get started right away.

  Enter your name and email address and you'll be taken straight to the training!

Dov Gordon

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