The Shortest Path to Ideal Consulting Clients
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How Consultants use 'backwards' networking to reach ideal clients and launch a $200k a year revenue stream for things you're already doing for free...

Every experienced consultant knows that the best clients come from referrals and relationships. 

The problem is that referrals are unpredictable. And building relationships takes so much time. 

Quite by accident, I discovered how to:
1. Make referrals predictable. And...
2. Use 'backwards' networking to create a revenue stream from things that you're already doing for free!

Get started by watching this 13 minute presentation:

Grab an Alchemy Network Design Session with Dov Gordon

In this free design session, we will:

  • Strategize how an Alchemy Network can enhance your business
  • Identify your ideal members
  • Develop honest revenue projections for the coming 12 months
Ready for more?
Watch Video #2...

Let me show you the next video, where you'll see how Alchemy Networks fit elegantly into your marketing funnel:

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