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"If we could do another one in the future, I'd be honored to have Dov on again."
- Jake Adam Davey
"Dov's interview has the highest number of downloads so far! Dov is down to earth, authentic... people reach out to me and thank me for the information he delivered, for the inspiration."
- Cloris Kylie

"Dov was a fantastic guest on my show. He brought tons and tons of value..."
- Joel Erway

"Not only is Dov an expert... but I really got more than I expected. Insightful, well-spoken, articulate..."
- Tom Hazard

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"Dov is a comfortable, confident guest your listeners are going to love."
- Nicole Holland

"Dov has a distinct, unique point of view... Not just intellectual, but a great basis of humility, and indeed humanity... Really a tremendous asset to have on your podcast."
- Al McBride
"Dov always brings great content to the table. I'm excited to get this podcast live!"
- Nathan Hirsch

"The depth and insight Dov provides in his interviews is absolutely incredible."
- Andrey Polston

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