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How Consultants use 'backwards' networking to reach ideal clients and launch a $200k a year revenue stream for things you're already doing for free!

Every experienced consultant knows that the best clients come from referrals and relationships.

The problem is that referrals are unpredictable.  And building relationships takes so much time.

Quite by accident, I discovered how to:
1. Make referrals predictable.  And...

2. How with "backwards" networking you can create a revenue stream from things you're already doing for free!

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Dov Gordon
CEO, The Profitable Relationships Co.

On the next page, you will learn:

  • How to build a new six-figure revenue stream, mostly for things you already do for free
  • The 4 steps to becoming an "under-the-radar" leader in your industry
  • Why I've only started teaching this now - after ten years of doing it for myself
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